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Maurer Conveyor Trailer

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If you have an air seeder, you need an AgriLite!

The AgriLite is an efficient and dependable conveyor system paired with a Maurer aluminum trailer. Trailers are available in several lengths and heights, with several hopper configurations. The AgriLite Conveyor comes standard with belt and horizontal/vertical swing arm controls at the rear of the trailers and the top of the conveyor arm. This gives you full control of the conveyor and arm location while standing on your air seeder platform.

Read about the features of the AgriLite Conveyor and trailer configuration specs below.

Maurer Conveyor Clearance
15’ 3” Ground Clearance
Maurer Conveyor Hydraulic Swing
10’ Total Swing Distance

Fast Operation & Full Control.

Lost time and spilled product both cost money. The AgriLite conveyor's quick moving design with virtually no spillage keeps that money in your pocket! Urea fertilizer can be moved at 2,750 pounds per minutes, giving you the fastest product transfer speed on the market. Our conveyor comes standard with user controls mounted at the rear of the trailer, and on the upper conveyor, giving you control of your entire operation, including the hydraulic swing, from the top of your air seeder.

Trailer Configurations & Options

The AgriLite system was designed with your trailer configuration needs in mind. Click below to view a full list of trailer configuration specs. Or contact us to request pricing and specs for the exact configuration you have in mind.

View full list of trailer capacities Conveyor Trailer Inventory
Standard Features
Lengths 36', 38' 40' 42', 48'
Width 96"
Side Wall Heights 68", 72", 74", 76"
Number of Hoppers 2-3
Maximum Fill Height 15'3" Height Clearance
Conveyor Swing Over 10' Total
Optional Features
Split Hopper For Additional Compartments Optional
Fertilizer Screens Optional
Quick-Disconnect Spout Optional
Self-Contained Hydraulic Unit Optional
Electric Hopper Doors Optional
Remote Control Hydraulics Optional
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