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Agrilite Conveyors & Wilson Trailer have teamed up to create the best conveyor trailer on the market.

The new AgriLite Aluminum Conveyor allows you to move more product than ever before while eliminating the risk of rust. And when paired with the Wilson Pacesetter aluminum trailer, you'll rest assured knowing you own a durable, low-maintenance conveyor trailer that's lightweight & built to last.

Read the new AgriLite + Wilson Conveyor trailer configuration options & specs below.

Wilson Conveyor Clearance
16’ Ground Clearance
Wilson Conveyor Hydraulic Swing
10’ Total Swing Distance

Reduce your fill times. Move up to 6,000 pounds per minute! *

No metering gates – No spilling product

And the AgriLite Conveyor currently has the best resale value in the entire market!

* Transfer rate depends on product weight

Trailer Specifications

Lengths 36', 38' 40' 42', 48'
Width 96"
Side Wall Heights 66", 72", 78"
Number of Hoppers 2-3
Maximum Conveyor Height 16' Height Clearance
Conveyor Swing Over 10' Total
Discharge Rate 4,000 - 6,000 Pounds Per Minute
Ground Clearance 18" at Hoppers
Electric Controls Standard
12" Round Spout Standard
Quick-Change Bearings Standard
Conveyor System 2,800 pounds
Wilson Pacesetter 42' with Conveyor 11,960 pounds
Wilson Pacesetter 48' with Conveyor 14,800 pounds
Available Options
Split Hopper For Additional Compartments Optional
Fertilizer Screens Optional
Quick-Disconnect Spout Extension Optional
Self-Contained Hydraulic Unit Optional
Electric Hopper Doors Optional
Remote Control Hydraulics Optional
Removable Door for Rear Opening Optional
Field Lights Optional
Controls @ Upper Spout Optional

Wilson Pacesetter Options

For a full list of Wilson Pacesetter specifications and configuration options, visit the Wilson website by clicking the link below.

Wilson Pacesetter Website Conveyor Trailer Inventory
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